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Creative web design and development – two sides of a brain

Web designers are architects of the web. They focus on the look and feel of the website; and so, they should be visual arts experts, who are skilled in color scheming, graphic design and information flow. Designers are typically more in tune with their right brain hemisphere, utilizing their creativity, intuition and imagination, to design amazing user experiences.

Development is for left-brained people; Design is better suited for the right-brain.

If web designers are the architects of the web then developers are the builders. Without coders, the plans would never come to life. They work with designers in making semantic mark-up languages like XHTML and CSS and transform static PSDs into interactive working web browser pages. Typically, programmers are skilled in programming languages such as PHP, ASP, Ruby on Rails, Python, HTML, CSS and more depending on what they specialize in and their experience level.

Web developers speak a different language (or more than one) than front-end designers.

The job of making a website always has two parts which should blend seamlessly

Web designer:

  • Focuses on look and feel of a website;
  • Uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript;
  • Competence in color scheming, graphic design, and information flow;
  • Creates a great user experience;
  • The designer is right-brained: excels in strong intuition, creativity, & imagination.

Web developer:

  • Creates the inner workings of a website;
  • Competence in programming languages (PHP, .NET, Python, C, Ruby);
  • Develops the user interface;
  • The developer is left-brained: excels in logic, linear thinking, technical.

We assign a team of a designer and a developer to your project to get a good balanced result of our work.
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N. A. Antonov, Founder and CEO of New Europe Ltd.
2007-11-15, 18:25
These guys did exactly what we needed to sell our projects online.
Just search Google or any search engine for "houses in bankya" and you will find our website on the first page.
Gocho Gochev, Founder and CEO of DoctorNatura Ltd.
2011-10-05, 20:52
Fast and professional! These are the words that briefly describe the work of this team.
Amazing SEO!
Alex Kuznetcov, Founder and CEO of CFC International LLC
2012-11-12, 14:07
This is a second website I have ordered with the Domain Kiosk. The team is fast and professional and they are really "lean and mean" when it comes to pricing of their services.
Eduard Varhoshkov, CEO of Ionitech Ltd.
2012-02-05, 12:00
Excellent SEO work!
Our sites jumped to the first page of Google in no time by the targeted keywords: "ion nitriding", "ion nitriding equipment", "ion nitriding installations", "plasma nitriding equipment", "plasma nitriding technology".
Iva Vasileva, Marketing director of Alcopark Ltd.
2010-12-05, 15:39
We are happy to partner with the team of Domain Kiosk LLC.
Our expectations for the creative work we needed done were far exceeded!
Alex Kuznetcov, Founder and CEO of CFC International LLC
2012-01-07, 10:53
We get inquiries from all over the Globe, almost every corner covered, every day, thanks to the excellent SEO work. Our website is now on the first page of Google and almost every other search engine by "cellular concrete" and "new concrete technology". This gave our business a real international exposure.

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