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We provide these services, here is a brief intro:

Custom website design & development

A great website requires research, planning and background work to stand out. From gathering information, to creating content, and keeping your site updated – the web design and development process has many steps that can be broken down into simpler manageable phases.

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Fast track to website design & development

Increasing the speed of website design and reducing the cost are crucial for many projects with limited budget. Sometimes startups make a mistake to hire expensive designers and developers while the business idea is on a very early stage and has not been really tested.

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Optimization for speed

Speed is crucial for your website. A slow loading website will provide bad user experience, turn away your visitors, rank lower in search engines, and as a final result kill your online endeavour.

What is important for speed?
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Search engine optimization

SEO is a set of optimizations and other tasks we do on a website to ease and boost its ranking in the free search results of the Search Engines (Google, etc.)

The difficulty of SEO is that the website developer has to be both working on user friendly and eye catching website (for the real people that will be visiting the website) and in the same time make the many small things Google and other SEs like.

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Eduard Varhoshkov, CEO of Ionitech Ltd.
2012-02-05, 12:00
Excellent SEO work!
Our sites jumped to the first page of Google in no time by the targeted keywords: "ion nitriding", "ion nitriding equipment", "ion nitriding installations", "plasma nitriding equipment", "plasma nitriding technology".
Gocho Gochev, Founder and CEO of DoctorNatura Ltd.
2011-10-05, 20:52
Fast and professional! These are the words that briefly describe the work of this team.
Amazing SEO!
Alex Kuznetcov, Founder and CEO of CFC International LLC
2012-11-12, 14:07
This is a second website I have ordered with the Domain Kiosk. The team is fast and professional and they are really "lean and mean" when it comes to pricing of their services.
Iva Vasileva, Marketing director of Alcopark Ltd.
2010-12-05, 15:39
We are happy to partner with the team of Domain Kiosk LLC.
Our expectations for the creative work we needed done were far exceeded!
N. A. Antonov, Founder and CEO of New Europe Ltd.
2007-11-15, 18:25
These guys did exactly what we needed to sell our projects online.
Just search Google or any search engine for "houses in bankya" and you will find our website on the first page.
Alex Kuznetcov, Founder and CEO of CFC International LLC
2012-01-07, 10:53
We get inquiries from all over the Globe, almost every corner covered, every day, thanks to the excellent SEO work. Our website is now on the first page of Google and almost every other search engine by "cellular concrete" and "new concrete technology". This gave our business a real international exposure.