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About us


Our mission is simple: Create value for our clients by delivering the best possible service.


Our values are integrity and professionalism in everything we do.

What we do?

We lead you through the process of establishing your successful internet presence. The key is SEO. We target the first page of search engines and we know that only that counts.

Ranking in the engines and SEO


SEO is a process of building the website having in mind a huge amount of factors that Google and the other SEs would consider likable. Every keyword has to find its place in the different areas of the website, like the title, meta description, visible texts, alternative texts for the images, etc. Three statistics are calculated and compared to already good ranking sites, i.e. frequency, weight and prominency of the keywords in a given area of appearance. It is a well-known fact that optimization is not about repeating the keywords as frequently as possible. This over-saturation with keywords is considered "keyword spamming" and hurts considerably the ranking of a website.

Young developers may not remember the time when Google did not exist. But more experienced SEO experts will recall that tiny innovation Google brought to the already then competitive arena of content indexing and search. This was "link popularity" that disrupted the market and made Google the dominant power among search engines. The guys from Google just said, OK let's take into consideration in our indexing algorithm one more factor - the number of incoming links from other websites, and the better the "quality" of a incoming link, the greater its value should be. This meant that all websites existing online at that time had to be crawled several times each month to get a feeling of the "link popularity" of each site and then links originating from more popular sites were given greater value. The real challenge then was that the process required a huge amount of computing power. Google dared to put together such computing power. Thus appeared the Page Rank of pages, ... and Google became number one almost overnight.

Why we tell you the story? Because nowadays just optimizing a website for the SEs is not enough. It is the first step to achieving good rankings. On the second step link popularity has to be cultivated. And this is not an easy task at all. Some links can hurt ranking, others can improve it. One thing is for certain. A better SE optimized website will need less amount of quality incoming links to get good ranking.

We solve many different tasks while a website is developed, one of which is SEO. Then we build a sufficient amount of incoming links to boost the ranking. In some cases more than just one website is required to achieve a good ranking. The sites are cross-linked. One or several optimized on a keyword sites are pulling like tow-ships the Mother-ship website up the rankings.


N. A. Antonov, Founder and CEO of New Europe Ltd.
2007-11-15, 18:25
These guys did exactly what we needed to sell our projects online.
Just search Google or any search engine for "houses in bankya" and you will find our website on the first page.
Gocho Gochev, Founder and CEO of DoctorNatura Ltd.
2011-10-05, 20:52
Fast and professional! These are the words that briefly describe the work of this team.
Amazing SEO!
Iva Vasileva, Marketing director of Alcopark Ltd.
2010-12-05, 15:39
We are happy to partner with the team of Domain Kiosk LLC.
Our expectations for the creative work we needed done were far exceeded!
Eduard Varhoshkov, CEO of Ionitech Ltd.
2012-02-05, 12:00
Excellent SEO work!
Our sites jumped to the first page of Google in no time by the targeted keywords: "ion nitriding", "ion nitriding equipment", "ion nitriding installations", "plasma nitriding equipment", "plasma nitriding technology".
Alex Kuznetcov, Founder and CEO of CFC International LLC
2012-01-07, 10:53
We get inquiries from all over the Globe, almost every corner covered, every day, thanks to the excellent SEO work. Our website is now on the first page of Google and almost every other search engine by "cellular concrete" and "new concrete technology". This gave our business a real international exposure.
Alex Kuznetcov, Founder and CEO of CFC International LLC
2012-11-12, 14:07
This is a second website I have ordered with the Domain Kiosk. The team is fast and professional and they are really "lean and mean" when it comes to pricing of their services.

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