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What do our clients look for in a good business web hosting service?


Speed is very important. Speed can impact the search engine rankings as well as end user experience. It depends on many factors, starting with the servers used, the network connectivity of the webhost, and ending with the location distribution of your visitors, the speed of their internet provider and the end user devices (PCs, laptops, notepads, smartphones, etc.) used to connect to the internet. Test your webpages for speed here and get insights how you could improve speed:


Multiple levels of security exist when speaking about webhosting. If security of your webhost's servers is compromised, your website(s) will quickly be swarmed with viruses and become vulnerable to hackers' attacks, and you will be out of control on a shared or a VPS server. So in this case it is important to go with an experienced hosting provider that will take all necessary measures to secure their hosting servers. Of course you need to take care to have long and difficult to break passwords on your cpanel and other admin panels, ftp, email, etc. accounts. On a dedicated server you have more control, but also security is more in your hands.


Our support team is available 24/7 through an e-ticket support system.


Here are two latest test charts for uptime (from Uptime Robot ®):

  • West coast DC

    February 2018

  • East coast DC

    March 2018

Reasonable price

What could be better than free? We offer a free trial of our shared web hosting service. The speed on the trail accounts is the same as on the other business web hosting plans, all other plans are competitively priced and you can see all prices before you start with the trial. No hidden prices or fees, no surprises!

Hosting data centers

Our shared hosting servers are physically located in a data center on the East Coast - Herndon, Virginia, USA. This provides low letancy times for our clients both in the USA and in Europe. Furthermore we recommend using a Content Distribution Network (CDN) like CloudFlare, which will bring mirrored copies of your website pages even closer to your visitors.

If you upgrade to a VPS or a Dedicated server, then you can choose the servers to be physically located in one of two data centers - on the East Coast - Herndon, Virginia, USA, or on the West coast - Los Angeles, CA, USA.

  • West coast DC

    West coast DC

  • East coast DC

    East coast DC


Gocho Gochev, Founder and CEO of DoctorNatura Ltd.
2011-10-05, 20:52
Fast and professional! These are the words that briefly describe the work of this team.
Amazing SEO!
Eduard Varhoshkov, CEO of Ionitech Ltd.
2012-02-05, 12:00
Excellent SEO work!
Our sites jumped to the first page of Google in no time by the targeted keywords: "ion nitriding", "ion nitriding equipment", "ion nitriding installations", "plasma nitriding equipment", "plasma nitriding technology".
N. A. Antonov, Founder and CEO of New Europe Ltd.
2007-11-15, 18:25
These guys did exactly what we needed to sell our projects online.
Just search Google or any search engine for "houses in bankya" and you will find our website on the first page.
Iva Vasileva, Marketing director of Alcopark Ltd.
2010-12-05, 15:39
We are happy to partner with the team of Domain Kiosk LLC.
Our expectations for the creative work we needed done were far exceeded!
Alex Kuznetcov, Founder and CEO of CFC International LLC
2012-01-07, 10:53
We get inquiries from all over the Globe, almost every corner covered, every day, thanks to the excellent SEO work. Our website is now on the first page of Google and almost every other search engine by "cellular concrete" and "new concrete technology". This gave our business a real international exposure.
Alex Kuznetcov, Founder and CEO of CFC International LLC
2012-11-12, 14:07
This is a second website I have ordered with the Domain Kiosk. The team is fast and professional and they are really "lean and mean" when it comes to pricing of their services.

Websites for sale - only 750€ - only 950€ - only 1050€

Included with each website:
  • Free domain name and hosting - 1 year;
  • Free professional customizing - 36 hours;
  • All three websites use latest Joomla 3.8 CMS.

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